Nagelfein Nagelöl
Nagelfein Nagelöl

Nagelfein nail oil 150ml

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Nagelfein Nagelöl

Nagelfein nail oil 150ml

Regular price €27,90
Sale price €27,90 Regular price €27,90
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  • 💧 Intensive moisturizing: Our formula provides nails and cuticles with intensive moisture to prevent dryness and cracking.
  • 🌿 Andiroba nut: Contains the high-quality Andiroba nut from Brazil with its many positive properties
  • 🟢 Elasticity and strength: The nail oil strengthens your nails and gives them elasticity, which reduces brittleness.
  • Overnight intensive treatment: Use the nail oil overnight for an intensive treatment of cracked, dry heels.
  • 🍋 Pleasant scent: The gentle scent leaves a special feeling of freshness and makes the application very pleasant.
  • ✋🏻🦶🏻 Versatile application: Our nail oil is an SOS all-rounder that is not only suitable for nails and cuticles, but also for other dry skin areas.
  • 🇩🇪 Made in Germany: All our products are developed and manufactured with certified partners in Germany.

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Foot- & Nailcare

Nails and cuticles need special care and must be specially protected. The Nagelfein nail oil from Fußkundig is a rich and effective treatment full of valuable ingredients that moisturize the nails and skin, give them elasticity and can even have an anti-fungal effect. These properties also make it a real intensive overnight treatment for cracked, dry heels. The gentle scent leaves a particularly fresh feeling and makes application very pleasant.

An SOS all-rounder!

Andiroba nut

The andiroba nut or Carapa guianensis is native to South America, especially in the Amazon basin. Among the indigenous people, the andiroba nut has long been considered THE natural power from the Amazon and is used there for wound care and skin care. The andiroba oil obtained from the nut has bioactive properties that can be particularly beneficial in inflammatory skin diseases. Andiroba nut oil has the highest proportion of natural limonoids of all currently known nuts. At the same time, andiroba oil has a high proportion of vitamins A, C and E.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
good care

I bought the oil instead of Perfect Formula; It spreads easily, I need one spray for my feet and I can use the rest for my fingernails. Due to the better, more natural ingredients, the choice fell on Foot-wise; it won't be the last product.

Great product at a fair price

The product is very economical. You only have to use very little. The scent is very pleasant and the oil is easy to distribute. After application, the skin and nails shine.

great oil

I ordered the nail oil from QVC because of the excellent advertising on TV and the good customer reviews. I can only agree with all the positive reviews. After the first few uses, I noticed that my nails felt almost velvety. You might get the impression that your nails are literally absorbing the oil. And because I liked the product so much, I tried to get it again on QVC. Unfortunately no chance. Since you're not completely stupid, I searched for the podiatrist on the Internet using Google. Lo and behold, he offered the oil in his online shop. And now the highlight: the oil there costs €21.90, there's nothing more to add.


Good product that I use every day. Repurchase product

great nail oil

The nail oil is very good; cares wonderfully. Unfortunately, I can't 'control' the spray head, so far too much of the care oil always comes out at once. The nail oil is very economical. Therefore points deducted from me. I will buy it again with a different dosage option.

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