Foot care with the andirobanut

Foot foam, skin & nail oil and foot butter


Moisturises the skin for up to 24 hours and promotes moisture retention.

Nourishing & Regenerating

Nourishing and regenerating properties for dry, cracked and ageing skin.

Bioactive substances

The andirobanut has a particularly strong cell-regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect.

Foot care for stressed feet

Foot care should be part of your daily hygiene programme. The gentle fragrance of our products leaves a special feeling of freshness and makes the application very pleasant.

The andirobanut

The andirobanut is native to South America, particularly the Amazon basin. Among the indigenous people, the andirobanut has long been regarded as THE natural power from the Amazon and is used there to treat wounds and for skin care. For this reason, we use the andirobanut as the basis for our products.

What our customers say:

Funka (QVC customer)

I can only rave about this foot foam. It is a wonderful foam. The fragrance is not overpowering, the foam is easy to rub in and is not greasy at all. I have been using this foam for the fourth day now and I have to say that my feet are soft to the touch - there is no trace of calluses. I will be ordering another one at this great price. An absolute repeat purchase! SUPER

Eleanora (QVC customer)

A very pleasant, effective nail oil. I mainly use it for my hands. It is absorbed very quickly into the nails and the cuticles plus the back of the hand are perfectly cared for. The spray head has to be pressed very carefully so that not too much comes out, as the oil is very economical. I also like to use the oil with the relevant products from Margaret Dabbs, which enhances the effect.

Franky84 (QVC customer)

I have been using the Fußkundig Nagelfein for quite a while now. This product is world class! I have tried similar products from all other manufacturers, but the Nagelfein completely fulfils my expectations. I have very serious problems with keratinised and ingrown nails. Since I have been using Nagelfein, the keratinisation has decreased significantly. My nails no longer cause as many problems as before. Really great, a miracle product! I had pain for so long and invested several euros in other products. I wish I had found this product before.