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24-hour foot foam

Dry foot skin quickly becomes cracked and flaky because it lacks much-needed moisture. On the other hand, only suitable care can help. With the active ingredients andiroba extract, urea, glycerine, pentavin and panthenol, the 24-hour foot foam from Fußkundig gives you a pleasantly well-groomed skin feeling on your feet. Dandruff, cracks and redness will be a thing of the past.

Nagelfein Nail oil

Nails and cuticles need special care and special protection. The Nagelfein Nail Oil from Fußkundig is a rich and productive treatment full of valuable ingredients that moisturize the nails and skin, give them elasticity and can even have an antifungal effect. These properties also make it a true intensive overnight treatment for cracked, dry heels. The gentle scent leaves a special feeling of freshness and makes the application very pleasant. An S.O.S all-rounder!

Special foot care foam against calluses and cracks

With this wonderful foot special care foam from Fußkundig, your feet will be caressed softly - a must, not only for the summer! Refreshing, calming and with a pleasant scent, this beauty treatment gives moments of pure well-being and has an all-round relaxing effect. It helps you against excessive calluses, pressure points, cracks and redness.

Goodbye foot sweat care foam

Treat your feet to ultra-gentle care - because they carry you through life! This light care foam from Fußkundig is a very special feel-good treatment that minimizes annoying foot sweat, cleans and cares for the feet and envelops them in a wonderfully fresh scent. Precious herbal extracts such as andiroba nut and sage ensure a soft feeling and a healthy complexion.

Foot file incl. 10 interchangeable files

The insider tip when it comes to soft, supple feet: The foot file conjures up wonderfully smooth skin from heel to toe – bye bye scab, bye bye calluses! The wide handle fits the hand particularly well: This means that foot care and the removal of calluses can be carried out without great effort. The file is made of stainless steel with interchangeable file blades and is therefore particularly easy to clean, disinfect and even sterilize.
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