24-hour foot foam 150ml


💧Intensive moisture: Glycerin and urea deeply moisturize to hydrate dry skin.

🌿Andirobanut: Contains the high quality andirobanut from Brazil with its multiple beneficial properties

🟱Calming effect: Panthenol and Pentavin soothe irritation and leave skin feeling comfortable.

đŸŠ¶đŸ»Crack repair: Andiroba extract and urea promote the healing of cracks and make the skin more resistant.

🔄Long lasting protection: Our foam provides 24 hours of long-lasting moisturizing care.

đŸ‘đŸ»Easy to use: Foam absorbs quickly, leaves no residue.

đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș Made in Germany: All our products are developed and manufactured in Germany with certified partners.

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24H foot foam against dry skin

Dry foot skin quickly becomes cracked and flaky because it lacks much-needed moisture. Only suitable care for the skin can help against this. With the active ingredients andiroba extract, urea, glycerin, pentavine and panthenol, the 24h foot foam from Fußkundig provides you with a pleasantly cared-for skin feeling on your feet again. Dandruff, cracks and redness will be a thing of the past.


High quality andirobanut

The andirobanut is native to South America, especially the Amazon basin. Among the indigenous people, the andirobanut has long been considered THE natural power from the Amazon and is used there for wound care and skin care. For this reason, we use the andirobanut as the basis for our products.

2 reviews for 24h-Fußschaum Pflegeschaum 150ml

  1. Klein21576711ggdd

    Tolles Produkt, fettet nicht nach. Zieht schnell ein. Riecht angenehm. Freue mich nach einem anstrengendem Tag meine FĂŒĂŸe mit dem Schaum zu verwöhnen.

  2. bambie

    Also ich bin begeistert. Der Schaum ist sehr ergibig und zieht sehr schnell ein. Man kann ihn perfekt morgends vor der Arbeit benutzen, weil er nicht schmiert. Also ich finde ihn toll.

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