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The andiroba nut

The miracle cure from the Amazon


The andirobanut or Carapa-guianensis is native to South America, especially in the Amazon basin. Among the indigenous people, the andirobanut has long been considered THE natural power from the Amazon and is used there for wound care and also for skin care. The andiroba oil extracted from the nut has bioactive properties that can play out their advantages especially in inflammatory skin diseases. The oil of the andirobanut has the highest proportion of natural limonoids of all currently known nut fruits. At the same time, andiroba oil has a high content of vitamins A,C and E.


Features of the andirobanut

  • Nourishing and regenerating properties for dry, cracked and aging skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Balanced content of vitamin A, C and E
  • Better resistance to the load on the feet
  • Particularly strong cell regenerating
  • Reduces the cornification process of the skin
  • Elasticity / flexibility is improved
  • Skin feels plump and smooth